Lionel Raynaud

Partner Portrait - Ubisoft Montréal

Entrepreneurial insight from Lionel Raynaud, VP of Creation at Ubisoft Montreal, a Partner of C2MTL.

First thing in the morning, I consult my agenda. Then I change my plans ☺. I focus on activities that will make me happy and really create value.

I always carry business cards from stores, restaurants or businesses which have a logo or design that I like in my wallet.

The environment that most inspire me is Japan! Not only for its “exoticism” and ongoing cultural evolution, but also for the unlikely harmony of all its components: the stimulation of the senses, the taste for excellence, the appreciation of beauty in the everyday things of life, the preservation of tradition with flashes of the modern… But it’s inspiration that comes more from the mindset than just the place. It makes us want to be curious, and have fun with what we see. 

 Mentor or mentee? Ubisoft CCO Serge Hascoet  inspires me with his perspective and his instincts. And there are also many others who continually influence me.

I had to let go of the normal expectations of management and organizational models. It’s the right people with the right mindset who make the difference in order to succeed.

Creativity in business : it’s the same as everywhere else. It’s challenging your thinking that’s fun, as well as inventing connections between otherwise unrelated elements. 

My business mantra: “A decision is good if its purpose is to please, satisfy or assist the client or advance the product. The rest is built naturally on this foundation.”


*Ubisoft Montréal, C2MTL 2014 partner.