What makes a city fertile ground for creativity?

Philippe Starck responds...

Creativity like moss…lives in the cracks, the cracks that are made of liberty, doubt [and] anxiety. Creativity is also rooted in a city’s generosity, if you can generalize generosity in terms of a city. But you can imagine that a municipality works to develop generosity. Not necessarily in terms of actual giving but by encouraging generosity, by facilitating links between creatives and industry so that youngsters with ideas aren’t afraid to call on industry leaders with ideas. Too many ideas are lost to this fear.

The mixing of ethnicities, races, ages, and the sexes is also important for cultivating creativity in a city, as is the importance of being alone with oneself. In other words, the city can be seen as a group, but within the group exists a group that is you alone with yourself. It’s a group of two. And oneself faced with oneself is a blank page.

True creativity occurs in a climate of anxiety around the question, ‘Am I capable of fulfilling the contract that I signed when I was born, a contract induced by society, one that doesn’t oblige me to be genius, but to participate?’ ” – Starck

Designer, Philippe Starck spoke on May 21, 2013 at C2MTL.


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