Meet the MaRSians

MaRS invites startups to C2 Montréal 2017. Drop by their balcony to shake some hands and have a chat. You may spot the next big thing in tech.

Humanity enters the age of artificial intelligence and we have a front-row seat

Technology has allowed mankind to manipulate the physical world. Today, humans are also looking inward, enhancing and optimizing their brains and bodies, and erasing the boundaries between fact and fiction, the physical and the digital, and man and machine.

From work, education, and climate change to human longevity, the ethics of persuasion, and the race for human attention, the following MaRS ventures are interpreting and reflecting what is possible in the decade to come, as well as innovating both inside and out to make the world a radically better place.

As the world looks inward, will the next big breakthrough come from biometric data? BioConnect thinks so. In its “quest for rightful identity,” BioConnect is empowering a safer, more efficient world by transforming the nature of authentication and identification.

What if AI could understand your employees better than they can understand themselves?  It’s already happening. uses AI and machine learning to reinvent the way organizations understand their most important assets – their people. 

With PeopleAnalytics.AI companies can passively, intuitively and in real-time understand employee psychology, group dynamics, and the social hierarchies that form the foundation of high performing workforces and corporate cultures.

AI and deep learning are coming to advertising—and it’s not just about friendly chatbots. As brands struggle to carve out a slice of people’s attention spans, they need to dramatically rethink how they connect with their consumers. Companies such as Drop Loyalty and Vantage have designed powerful new data and analytics platforms that help brands unveil hidden patterns in shopper behaviours to deliver a truly personalized consumer experience.

In the age of the machine, creativity will be mankind’s biggest source of differentiation (at least for now). Companies such as Plum, Planbox and ExpertFile are turning on its head the way in which we develop, hire, deploy, and engage talent, thus empowering seven billion people to reach their full potential.

Smarter algorithms. Sophisticated AI systems and faster decision making are a fintech dream. SmoothCommerce and CoPower are leveraging these emerging technologies to enable consumers to more intelligently save, spend, share, send, and grow their money—and possibly, one day, bank in space.

Every aspect of our lives is becoming fully networked. Litmus Automation, a business-to-business Internet of Things platform provider, is powering systems beyond the connected car and is also having a tremendous impact on the manufacturing industry, proving that there’s never been a better time for IoT.

Capsules carrying people and travelling just under the speed of sound may seem like a colossal moonshot; however, this futuristic transportation system is closer than you think. TransPod is bringing the hyperloop to reality with its first major project connecting metropolitan cities across Canada.

These companies offer just a glimpse of what the #FutureOfYou looks like, and demonstrate how AI, big data, and algorithms are dramatically augmenting how we live, learn, work, and play.

To learn more about these ventures, please drop by the MaRS balcony at C2 Montréal, or contact Farah Momen at or Anna Tyndale at


Sue McGill
Head of Consumer and Commerce | MaRS Discovery District
Executive Director | JOLT Fund

Krista Jones
Managing Director, Work and Learning | MaRS Discovery District