Michel Leblanc

Partner Portrait of Michel Leblanc, President and CEO, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal.

As part of C2MTL’s “Partner Portrait” series, meet Michel Leblanc.

Every morning…

I read the paper version of La Presse.

I always carry…

… nothing of value in my wallet.

The environment that inspires me the most…

The quiet strength of the river in front of my house.

Mentor ou menteé?


I had to let go of my _____ to succeed.

I had to let go of my “revolutionary” illusions to succeed.

Creativity in business

Is the stuff of teamwork and requires you to step out of your comfort zone!

My business mantra: 

“Stay optimistic and pragmatic, no matter what!”


. . . 

Partner of C2MTL 2014: Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal / Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain.


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Photo © Michel Leblanc