New in 2018: Tackle multifaceted problems in Conversation Markets

Nouveauté 2018: Explorez de grandes questions au Marché des conversations

There’s no experience like a new experience, and making their début at C2 Montréal 2018 are the newly conceived Conversation Markets. They offer an opportunity for multidisciplinary groups of participants to dive deep into a topic and consider the many facets of a single problem. Here’s how it goes down:

  1. The Barometer reads the room. Participants answer a series of multiple choice questions. To indicate their answers, participants move to designated areas in the room.
  2. Participants choose their group. Their answer to the final question determines in what group a participant will be for the activity. Each group is then sent to a room.
  3. The Conversation Market takes place. In their rooms, participants will find a message explaining the question they have to tackle. Clues will also be sprinkled in the room to help further the conversation.
  4. Groups solidify their findings. After the conversation comes to a close, groups summarize their discussion.

“Conversation Markets are designed so participants can ponder the many facets of a single subject, but also meet and connect with others while sharing insight and having a meaningful conversation,” says Dave Lank, content researcher for collaborative experiences at C2.

Shop for your topic of choice

Conversation Markets are launching with a wide array of 15 topics. Select whichever suits your interests best and gear up for a thought-provoking exchange. Here are some of them.

The future of reporting – In these times of fake news, filter bubbles and when anyone can craft content, what does the future of news look like?

Medtech and biotech: Pushing the human boundaries – As medtech and biotech rapidly develops, humans living to be 200 years old doesn’t seem like science fiction anymore. What do these advances mean for business and society?

Conversation Markets cheat sheet

Where: Conversation Markets will be hosted in the Hangar and are led by C2’s facilitators.
When: May 23: 11 am to 6:45 pm; May 24 and 25: 9 am to 6:45 pm
Duration: 90 minutes

Participants will be able to sign up for one Collaborative Session per day (Masterclass, Workshop or Conversation Market), for a total of three, via klik. Keep your eyes peeled for an email invitation to customize your daily schedule. Remember: It pays to be quick as venues tend to fill up rapidly.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to your Concierge extraordinaire.


The future of work – From the gig economy to robot coworkers, what will next-gen professional life look like?

Privacy and security – In a data driven world, what to do of our digital footprints?

AI and blockchain – What impacts and possibilities are arising with these two mega-trends going mainstream?