Pioneering spirit: McGill University’s game-changing creatives

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Pioneering spirit: McGill University’s game-changing creatives

McGill alumni Jade Raymond, who helped create the Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs video game franchises, at C2 Montréal 2017

Where can you find researchers who change the course of medicine, award-winning physicists who identify the building blocks of the universe, iconic urban architects and the next generation of astronauts? On the side of a mountain in Montreal, where innovation has been woven into the DNA of McGill University for nearly two centuries. This rich environment is where you’ll find C2 Montréal taking root in 2020.

Just as C2 Montréal brings bright minds and diverse thinkers together in unexpected ways, McGill continues to expand on its storied history of encouraging curiosity and discovery across disciplines in ways that have a tangible impact on the way we live in, and think about, the world today. The following are examples of McGill alumni who have creatively impacted their respective industries.


Creative excellence at work

McGill grads have excelled, for example, in the constantly changing communications and marketing arena.  Alan Emtage created Archie, the first Internet search engine. Jade Raymond, current Vice President at Google and head of their Stadia Games and Entertainment studio, founded Electronic Arts’ Motive Studios in Montreal. Suroosh Alvi co-founded VICE Media. Both Jade and Suroosh have spoken on C2’s stages, too.

All the world has indeed been a stage for musical McGill alumni like prolific composer Burt Bacharach, who wrote 70 Top 40 hits for the likes of Aretha Franklin, Tom Jones and Dr. Dre. Celebrated poet, novelist, singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen was one of Montreal’s best-known musical exports in the 20th century, while fellow grad and Arcade Fire co-founder and lead singer Win Butler is one of the best-known this century.

And who else but a Montrealer would invent a game meant to keep kids occupied indoors during winter? James Naismith dreamed up basketball while working at a Massachusetts YMCA in 1891, just a few years after graduating from McGill.

In its two centuries of championing knowledge that leads to new ideas, McGill University remains at the forefront of future-shaping higher education, a place where a culture of innovation sparks inspiration, and where, without a doubt, many of the next generation of groundbreaking pioneers and change-making leaders are getting ready to make their mark.


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