Propelling Québec into a digital future

By Dominique Anglade, Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for the Digital Strategy

What will Québec’s digital future look like? Minister Dominique Anglade invites C2-goers to co-create it by participating in the Objectif numérique platform.


Québec is a force for innovation. We have the collective will to transform our economy and position Québec as a leader in public and private sector digital excellence.

C2 Montréal is an ideal time to remind local and international businesses of how important it is to work together on bold and innovative projects that showcase both our creativity and digital prowess.

Our economic landscape is in the midst of a sea change. In this new economy, technology is a powerful source of business innovation and growth. Digital technology also creates powerful and effective solutions that can make our businesses more productive and our economy more competitive. That’s why digital innovation is one of our top priorities.

Our government is on a mission to fuel Québec’s digital revolution.

A Digital Strategy That’s Ahead of the Curve

Québec’s Digital Strategy, co-created with you and the entire digital industry, will be our “revolution roadmap.”

The strategy will encompass our current action plans—the Government IT Strategy, the Digital Culture Plan, and the Digital Economy Action Plan, among others—as well as those to come, including the Digital Education, Higher Education, and Skill Development Action Plan and the Digital Infrastructure Action Plan.

The strategy will define a coherent government vision for Québec’s transformation into a fully digital society. We recently began a major consultation phase with the general public, digital organizations and experts, and businesses that have become models of digital innovation and integration.

We want to hear your views on the digital economy. So we’re inviting everyone at C2 Montréal to share their thoughts on our digital platform, Objectif numérique. With your help, we’ll identify priorities and approaches that allow us to face the challenges of the new digital age and capitalize on its many opportunities.

The digital economy is the perfect vehicle for the wellspring of innovation, creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurial drive in this province. We intend to take full advantage of all the unique business opportunities it offers.

An Action Plan to Accelerate Québec’s Digital Revolution, Starting Today

Our Digital Economy Action Plan—one of the pillars of our future Digital Strategy—is the perfect lever to accelerate Québec businesses’ digital revolution and drive growth in our IT and communications sector.

In the next five years, the Government of Québec will spend nearly $200 million to implement the plan, stimulating the growth of knowledge, creativity, and innovation in the digital realm.

Digital infrastructure in rural areas is also a priority for our government, which is why we’ll be using the Québec Branché program to improve network connections for families and businesses in remote areas.

 The Digital Economy Action Plan highlights Québec’s strengths and provides digital industry players like you with a shared vision of our economic future. It is an essential aid in helping Québec prosper and achieve even greater international success through the excellence of its digital economy.

For Québec to prosper through digital innovation, we need everyone onboard. As a collaborative platform, Objectif numérique gives you the chance to share your ideas and opinions. I invite you all, as digital leaders, to take an active part in co-creating Québec’s Digital Strategy.


Dominique Anglade

Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for the Digital Strategy