Read. Watch. Listen: Highlights from the C2 Takeover with MTL 24/24

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Read, watch, listen: Highlights from the C2 Takeover with MTL 24/24
In our latest C2 Takeover, we welcomed Montréal’s newest not-for-profit MTL 24/24, whose mandate is to protect, represent and develop the city’s nightlife.

Exploring the economic and creative growth potential of Montréal’s nightlife economy, looking back at our city’s history as a party town, and speaking with experts and advocates from all over the world about where to go from COVID-19, it was chalk full of content that puts our present moment into context.

If you missed it, here’s a compilation of what to read, watch and listen to as we reimagine, experiment and adapt our cities to ensure culture and nightlife survive the pandemic.





  • C2 IGTV: Will Straw gives us a history lesson about Montréal’s night time economy through the ages.


  • Go back in time with this classic National Film Board documentary Montreal by Night. Even in 1947, this city was known for its nightlife…
  • Show Girls (1999) is a NFB documentary that celebrates Montréal’s swinging Black jazz scene with rare footage from the 1920s to the 1960s, when the city was wide open and well known as a party destination.
  • Check out this short film about the legendary Montréal discotheque Lime Light, which drew celebrity crowds from NYC every weekend and had 6AM last calls in its heyday.
  • C2 IGTV: Andreina Seijas The Harvard University researcher talks about who runs the night, how different cities are experimenting with space and hours of operation during COVID-19, as well as the studies going on behind the scenes.


  • C2 IGTV: Lutz Leichsenring An entrepreneur, consultant and activist for the night economy, Lutz is spokesman of the Club Commission Berlin and the founder of VibeLab. In this interview, he discusses the Berlin night economy experience.


  • In 1949, the curfew in Berlin was abolished once and for all by a man named Heinz Zellermayer. «STADT OHNE MORGEN» is a short documentary exploring how this decision has enabled Berlin’s nightlife to grow into a diverse club culture and what it means to have this freedom in a city that is rapidly changing.
  • For context, Motherboard looked at the importance of a safe and vibrant nightlife scene, too.



  • C2 Takeover x MTL 24/24 SPOTIFY PLAYLIST – Immerse yourself in the musical influence of Montréal’s nightlife scene with this playlist, courtesy of MTL 24/24. Dancing us through our city’s party history to the present day challenges of COVID-19, this musical journey left one heck of a playlist in its wake. Enjoy!



Watch the #C2Takeovers with Dax Dasilva and Jacques-André Dupont.


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