How do you develop talent in ever-shifting business environments?

Our theme for the sixth edition of the C2 Montréal international business conference is Ecosystems. Throughout this new leg in our journey at the confluence of commerce and creativity, we will contemplate the complex networks and interconnected systems we are part of, and embark on an in-depth exploration of the trends and transformations that are having a growing impact on business and on our hyperconnected world. In particular, we will be diving into five intertwined networks of content: Talent, Marketing, EntertainmentCities and Moonshots.

Here are a few ideas and reading (and watching) suggestions to get the conversation started about Talent.

How do you develop talent in ever-shifting business environments?

We can no longer rely on the traditional talent supply chain to keep a competitive edge. Not only must we plan for uncertainty, but we must also take into consideration a diverse workforce whose expectations have changed. Nurturing talent now goes far beyond the traditional employer/employee relationship: talent is no longer only in-house, but can also be borrowed, shared, outsourced, crowdsourced. In this complex and interconnected world, should you hire specialists, generalists, or focus on nurturing multidisciplinary talent that can change roles and adapt to evolving business realities?tites faces-1

How can business executives develop a multicultural, multigenerational and multi-geographic talent pool for a business world that’s tricky to predict? These are challenges business executives from all industries face today, and C2 Montréal 2017 will be the chance for them to share solutions and identify opportunities for action.




To get started, you’ll find a lot of great resources relating to managing talent in the Harvard Business Review’s content hub, Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders. Our top picks:

Watch the film 50/50: Rethinking the past, present and future of women + power





Find out more about talent ecosystems in Mercer’s Talent Ecosystems report (sign up required).


From the Minutes
Here are a few insights from previous C2 speakers on talent:

You may also find a few interesting facts and figures in this collective timeline for the future of work, gleaned during C2 Montréal 2016.


These reflections will evolve in the next weeks and months. As we share them with you today, they are destined to take on a life of their own. What have we missed? How would you like this conversation to unfold? Who absolutely needs to be a part of it?

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