The Many – 2016 Theme

Announcing our 2016 theme
At C2 Montréal 2016, we will explore how influence is shifting away from the corporate few and into the countless hands of savvy consumers, nimble entrepreneurs, and those bold organizations who dare to collaborate, even with their competitors. The strategies that grew yesterday’s giants are now recipes for their own obsolescence; tomorrow’s success stories will be built on a sense of collective purpose. This profound mutation will completely rewire how we collaborate, how we share, how we learn, how we work and how we build.

How will you survive and thrive in the age of The Many?

The Future of Collaboration
Consumers no longer rely on the few to sell, buy, watch, fund or learn. What can we learn from the ethos and business models of the sharing economy? How can you better anticipate unconventional players in your industry, perhaps become one yourself?

The Future of Media
A YouTuber in his basement or a model on Instagram can have a larger audience and more impact than a prime time television news anchor. How will we define media in the future? How will it impact how you engage your audience, from your customers to your stakeholders?

The Future of Learning and Work
Prestigious diplomas and lifetime employment make way to continuous learning and the gig economy. How will you attract and retain talent, nurture authentic inclusivity and reinvent the way we work, in the age of digital natives, ageing skilled workers and artificial intelligence?

The Future of Making
The market has shifted away from closely-controlled production methods and towards open platforms. Is the future of manufacturing in the hands of the maker movement? How will you balance your internal R&D and acquisitions strategy?