Art & Design: In the face of modern challenges, can creativity save the day?

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Art & Design: In the face of modern challenges, can creativity save the day?

At C2, we believe struggling economies, disruptions to business-as-usual and a general deterioration of overall morale and the health of our planet will only be reversed through profound and deliberate acts of creative ingenuity.

Whether it’s a strong campaign that changes perspectives and consumer habits, an emotional eureka! moment facilitated through art, or re-imagining manufacturing and design processes entirely, the act and practice of forging alternative pathways — all while tapping into hearts and minds — is the ultimate artistic brief.


Meet masters of their craft

It takes a lot of brains (and guts) to be an artist, architect or designer. Generating curiosity and additive questions for public critique, putting a finger on the zeitgeist while taking the pulse of human expression, and dreaming up visions of a future that works better for everybody are certainly not small undertakings.

At C2M19, we welcome some very special people who are mastering their crafts and making creativity propel commerce. Discover interpretation shifters, revolutionary storytellers, seriously-big-deal designers, modern visionaries, iconoclasts and prolific leaders from diverse media, all joining us to imagine the ways forward…


  • Hear from the founder of Cirque du Soleil, One Drop Foundation and Lune Rouge: the one and only Guy Laliberté.


  • Does design still matter? Take a C2 masterclass led by writer, designer, educator, artist and brand consultant Debbie Millman to find out. The multifaceted host of one of the world’s first and longest-running design podcasts walks us through some sociological, scientific and anthropological perspectives on creative culture, branding and business.


  • How might art and design be in service to circularity…? Discover how social designers are fusing nature and tech to find sustainable solutions to urban issues in both a keynote and workshop with Daan Roosegaarde (artist and innovator, Studio Roosegaarde). Learn about what the Dutch call schoonheid.


  • …and circularity at scale? Dominique Fularski (Circular IKEA) will explain how even the biggest retail players are adopting a zero-waste mindset and practice.


  • Can art be a catalyst for changes in human behaviour? The Director of Social Art for Behavior Change at One Drop, Tania Vachon, will workshop different ways to use social art to save our precious resources (especially water). Artist Aithan Shapira (founder, Making to Think) uses art to accelerate people and processes, and he will host a masterclass on fostering company culture that enables positive change.


  • How will creativity alter culinary arts and lifestyles? Chef and restaurateur David McMillan (Joe Beef) will give us his cuisine-based take on navigating apocalyptic times. Meanwhile, top chef Marcus Samuelsson (Red Rooster) will dish on diversity, share recipes for building community and host a masterclass you don’t want to miss.


  • What are creative applications of AI? Artist Stephanie Dinkins, who is consciously creating dialogue around digital discrimination, will share her thoughts about AI as it applies to family. Her muse — a social, humanoid robot studying philosophy named BINA48 — will also be at C2 to answer questions about our digital immortality.


  • What’s the next experience to revolutionize storytelling? Even though filmmaker Spike Lee technically falls within the Leadership & Talent pillar this year, you’ll want to hear his talk. Charles Melcher (Future of Storytelling) will also be here, as will AR and VR director Jessica Brillhart. And filmmaker Lisa Jackson will showcase immersive, nonlinear storytelling — as well as Indigenous Futurism — in her latest VR creation, Biidaaban: First Light.


  • Cross-platform storyteller Alexandre Amancio (CEO, Reflector) and stargazing narrative-maker Paul Propster (Strategic Planner and Story Architect, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory) will also be onsite to ask the question: What are new narratives and ways to diversify the entertainment industry?


  • And what does time even mean anymore? Daniel Arsham straddles the lines between visual art, architecture and performance to reinterpret iconic objects and structures in the name of “fictional archaeology,” resulting in “future relics of the present.” His talk is sure to be a trip.


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