Tomorrow’s Leadership & Talent: What will greatness take?

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Tomorrow’s Leadership & Talent: What will greatness take?

In recent years, urgent conversations about equity, oppression and outdated systems of organizational power have dramatically upended business-as-usual. And we’re all for it.

Impactful movements are ushering in some very necessary changes in leadership dynamics and emboldening new generations to pursue political and social influence. Tech bros (and tech bro culture, broadly) are facing a reckoning; greedy, predatory and ego-driven public figures continue to fall from grace and be held to account; toxic behaviours by-and-large are being called out, contained and dealt with. Meanwhile, the very nature of work itself is changing so much and so fast, it feels like the world is on the brink of another revolution.

It’s an extremely ripe moment to contribute to helping things work better.


Learn from the greats, be great, make others great

What isn’t changing in our lifetimes, however, is a fundamental truth about great leaders and talent: that it’s really all about being in your best service to others and amplifying the bright ideas, passions and skills of those around you. Leadership is no longer the top-down preserve of those who occupy the corner office, nor is it one-size-fits all.


At C2M19, we’re blessed to get a glimpse into the decisive minds of commercial titans, transformative CEOs, forward-thinking financiers and other creative visionaries who are redefining what it means to be a leader and leverage talent in today’s world.


  • Fresh from an Oscar win at the Academy Awards, filmmaker Spike Lee will share experience from nearly four decades in the business and show us how to use storytelling to subvert cultural stereotypes.


  • Montreal’s very-own tech unicorn, cultural-hotspot-creator and CEO of Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva, will show us how to turn a culture of inclusion into competitive advantage, as well as explain why “union” will ultimately define the creative leadership of tomorrow.



  • Chef and restaurateur David McMillan, who co-owns the celebrated Joe Beef, will be onsite to talk about changing lifestyle habits, food and how to survive the apocalypse. Top chef Marcus Samuelsson, meanwhile, will host a masterclass that aims to unite communities by shifting food’s value proposition.


  • Speaking of survival: Is there a way to beat cancer with our mind? Become harder to kill with Conn Bertish, the founder and Creative Director of Cancer Dojo. Learn how he gamified cancer and beat it with creative approaches (but note that you don’t need to experience the disease to develop and use these skills).


  • Leading business thinkers will also reimagine our economic systems. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild will be tackling “inclusive capitalism” and prioritizing inclusivity and impact investing with Michael Sabia, President and CEO of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ).


  • Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer of Aurora Cannabis, will talk about how to manage and navigate scale and entirely new (green) economies, as well as how to keep a strong team culture throughout growth.


  • And how will the next generation change global economic dynamics? Jean-François Lépine, Directeur des représentations du gouvernement du Québec en Chine, will be talking about youth culture in the People’s Republic.


  • Sabrina Geremia, the Country Director of Google Canada, will also be asking us: How can we rethink education for the employees of tomorrow?


  • What kind of groundbreaking leadership models might help you work better? Known for unorthodox methodologies that empower employees, the global design firm Doberman let’s everyone tour the C-suite. Their CEO, Lisa Lindstrӧm, will be in conversation with Refinery29 Creative DIrector and Co-Founder Pierra Luisa Gelardi and Sarah Cooper, discussing what sort of work atmospheres help employees flourish the most?


And here are some can’t-miss leaders from other C2 pillars


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