Tomorrow’s Marketing & Media: It’s getting weird out there, folks, so what’s next?

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Tomorrow’s Marketing & Media: It’s getting weird out there, folks, so what’s next?

We’re living through some strange marketing and media times.

Infotainment and deepfakes, psyops and privacy, algorithms and influencers, GDPR and UX… As the facts blur with fiction, legacy and digital media continue to hemorrhage resources on the search for a winning publishing model. Meanwhile, like music and TV, creative agencies are becoming disrupted beyond recognition.

Journalists are becoming content marketers; newspapers are producing events; production companies are the new ad guys; and clients are changing the dynamics entirely by developing in-house talent. Designers are in existential crisis. Models are broken. People are eating each other’s lunch. Plus, there’s a decent chance you don’t understand what it is, exactly, your CMO even does anymore.

Outside the content creation bubble, audiences and a wider public are savvier than ever — though quickly losing faith. Trust is the word du jour. Experience is what you’re told they’re after. Yet nothing lands as easily as it once did, or has the resonance it once had. Consumer behaviours are heading into uncharted territory.

And tomorrow is probably just going to get weirder.


Time to tackle the big questions

As we’ve mentioned, the days of throwing money at the problem are over and it’s time to get creative. For C2M19, we’ve gathered audience oracles and UX-gurus, intrepid brand explorers and next-gen influencers, content wizards and marketing officers to help us tackle big questions and make sense of it all.


  • Bekah Sirrine (Head of Global Creative, Instagram), Nicole Jacek (Head of Design, Wieden + Kennedy), Bertrand Cesvet (CEO, Sid Lee) and many more will dissect today’s agency/client dynamic and help us figure out: What’s the future of creative agencies? 


  • Marc Blanchard (Global Head of Experience Design, Havas) shows us ways to inject meaning into digital experiences while asking us to consider: How might we engage customers on a deeper level?


  • Media trendsetters Piera Luisa Gelardi (Co-Founder, Refinery29), Manish Vora (Museum of Ice Cream) and Steve Ellis (EVP, Viacom) will get us acquainted with Gen Z while asking the question: How do we create powerful, relevant content for the next generation?


  • Creating coherent brand identity, restoring trust and saving face, Bozoma Saint John (CMO, Endeavor) will talk confidence, celebrity strata and address the very sticky query: Should brands get political?


  • Lifestyle connoisseurs Yoan Prat & Tom Brunet (YARD) will discuss different ways of moving from storytelling to storydoing in order to answer a pivotal 2K19 marketing question: Can brands be positive cultural players?


  • Filmmaker Lisa Jackson will bring Indigenous Futurism, nonlinear storytelling and an overgrown experience in Canada’s largest urban environment to Montreal with her latest VR creation, Biidaaban: First Light, inviting us to imagine: What’s next for immersive experiences?



And other Marketing & Media highlights include…

Ride the next wave of audience engagement with Alexandre Amancio (CEO, Reflector), Diane Quinn (CCO, Cirque du Soleil) and Afo Verde (Sony Music). Become a B2B whisperer with Alicia Tillman (CMO, SAP), listen to out-of-this-world storytelling with Paul Propster (NASA/JPL) and learn how to quit your “dream” job with freediving spearfisher Valentine Thomas, who shares her story (and hopefully some tips on how to make a living as an online personality).


Did we mention workshops?

Don’t miss Facebook’s vertical film school presented by Instagram, which will feature pro actors and a director reimagining iconic film scenes for today’s storytelling. And make your next awareness campaign sing with BEworks’ take on behavioural economics. You can sign up for the Marketing & Media workshops starting May 13 through C2’s online registration and connection platform, klik.


Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of all of the above — get your passes here.

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