What are Braindates and why should you care?

Braindates meeting

Braindates, C2 Montréal’s peer-to-peer learning program, is one of the best (and most popular) tools at your disposal for making the most of your experience at C2.

Let’s be honest: although essential, networking isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Some feel plainly powerless when comes time to strike up a conversation with a stranger; others simply dread the prospect of a conversation turning into a sales pitch. But at an event where thousands of passionate people from across continents and industries add up to an exceptional wealth of available knowledge all in one place for three days, not networking would equate to visiting Montréal without eating bagels or poutine: a missed opportunity.

That’s where Braindates come into play. Effectively removing the barriers to networking and ensuring participants soak up as much information as possible, these peer-to-peer learning sessions have long been a favourite of the C2 crowd.

What can a Braindate do for you?

Braindates are designed to facilitate meaningful connections between participants and to ensure everyone heads back home with actionable tools and ideas to effect positive change, be it at work or at home. Braindates are powered by e180, a Montréal-based company that’s all about promoting peer-to-peer learning.

“Braindates help people get to the meaningful conversations right away. We are in the business of connecting human beings for collaborative learning and meaningful conversations,” e180 founder and CEO Christine Renaud says.

Concretely, Braindates are either one-on-one or group meetings between participants based on what one can teach or wants to learn. And with a crowd like C2 Montréal’s, chances are that you’ll end up chatting with the cream of the crop. You could easily find yourself pondering audience growth strategies with the publisher of a trailblazing media startup, reviewing key changes in international trade with a first-class exporter, talking tech with a digital artist or even picking a serial entrepreneur’s brain for ideas.

And all of this is but a few taps away.

How does it work?

One the (many) best parts about Braindates is that all of these learning opportunities lie at your fingertips. Here’s how it works.

  • A few weeks before C2 Montréal, you’ll receive an email invitation to create a profile and log onto the Braindates platform.
  • Once that’s done, you can list topics you want to learn about or knowledge you would like to share.
  • At any moment before and during C2 Montréal, you can access the Topic Market through klik, the event’s mobile app, and browse every available Braindate offering (check early and often as participants add new topics daily).
  • Pick something you want to learn about and schedule a Braindate.
  • A few minutes before your meeting is scheduled, make your way to the Braindate Lounge, where an expert matchmaker will introduce you to the person you booked a Braindate with. Easy as that.

But does it work?

Great question. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what some past C2 Montréal participants had to say about Braindating, which led to 3,779 connections in 2017 alone.

Thirty minutes with the right person and the right questions can go a very, very long way.” – Karim Traiaia, Co-Founder, BloomChat

One of my Braindates is going to take my business to an entirely new level. I can’t tell you who I met, but it was amazing.” – Tomas Dorta, Co-Founder and CEO, Hybridlab

After I discovered Braindating, I ended up booking my schedule solid because there were so many cool people there that I wanted to meet with.” – Christopher Baer, Senior Director, Experience Design, Marriott International