What your VP Finance can learn at a creative business event

C2 team
What your VP Finance can learn at a creative business event

C2 Montréal 2019 is right around the corner. But should your VP of Finance or CFO briefly abandon their world of spreadsheets, budgets and bottom lines to immerse themselves in three days of connection, collaboration and retooling for the future?

The short answer is, of course, yes.

Financial officers are the strategic analysts responsible for looking just over the horizon, anticipating change before it arrives. Appropriately, the theme of C2 this year is TOMORROW, and whether it’s reinventing your business or helping transform an industry in distress, the time to take action for a better tomorrow is now. And who better to appreciate that than the problem-solvers responsible for your organization’s long-term financial viability?

In other words, you want your VP of Finance at C2. Here’s why…


Unconventional connecting and creating

Each year, C2 creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in which networking, knowledge-sharing and business-building take centre stage through facilitated interactions and collaborations between participants.

As C2’s Chief Creative Officer Génifère Legrand explains, “We have always put a premium on connecting our guests in unconventional contexts and unorthodox combinations, and the results are often both surprising and illuminating. It’s precisely that kind of cross-disciplinary connection that can create amazing and unexpected innovation.”


Inspiring in unexpected ways

Creative cross-pollination is encouraged by bringing together over 7,000 people from over 34 industries, and by curating meaningful one-on-one or group interactions and collaborations between participants in a variety of different settings. (Braindates are but one popular and highly effective example.)

For example, your CFO might connect with a CFO from another industry and be inspired by methodologies and techniques they had never considered. Or they might meet an industry leader or regulatory gatekeeper that helps them solve a problem down the road. Sometimes crucial breakthroughs are only achieved by considering an issue through another lens.


Staying ahead of the curve

Is your VP interested in digging deeper into, for example, the impact and integration of AI, or exploring the challenges and opportunities inherent in the burgeoning digital creativity industry? C2’s Focus Programming — which includes the AI Forum and the Digital Creativity Summit — offers a series of talks, panels, collaborative sessions and exclusive networking opportunities around selected themes that are shaping the future of business.


Acquiring new tools

Through custom collaborative experiences — hands-on workshops, interactive masterclasses and experiential Labs — your VP of Finance will be invited to roll up their sleeves and work with other participants to develop the new set of tools needed to address the challenges that will confront your organization or industry in the years ahead. And that’s money in the bank.


Don’t let VP of Finance or CFO miss out — have them take advantage of the new spring rate.

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