“What’s more important, your job description or..?”

Simon Berry - Co-founder and CEO at ColaLife - gifts a question to "The Guide for Inquiring Minds".

In the spirit of 2014, last month we introduced to you –  “The Guide for Inquiring Minds”  – a declaration of intent made up of constructive questions to steer our efforts no matter our business, discipline, or level of expertise.  This initiative was launched with the 5 questions below:

1. If my “Newton Moment” never comes, do I have a plan B?

2. Do I talk to people or with people?

3. Can I boost my confidence, if I start celebrating my failures?

4. How can I attract more meaningful small talk?

5. Should I applaud “good enough” when it’s good enough?

Following, we asked our online Community to help us grow this innovative project by gifting questions that can further challenge our creative thinking.  Thought-provoking questions have started rolling in!

Question #6 is a gift from confirmed Speaker for C2MTL 2014 Simon Berry, Co-founder and CEO at ColaLife.

6. “What’s more important, your job description or your mission?”


Simon Berry at C2MTL 2014: “There’s an expression in Simon Berry’s native U.K. that nicely sums up the brilliant idea the ColaLife founder will be discussing at C2MTL: “Sodding bloody genius!” At C2MTL our definition of creativity is making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. By that definition, Simon might be the most creative person in the room. Making the connection is not all it takes, though – you also need the courage to make it happen. As for Simon’s big idea, we’ll be keeping that cat in the bag for now. But rest assured that it’s nothing if not sodding bloody genius!” 


Do you have a challenging question that can strengthen our creative grit for 2014? Send it our way for a chance to be featured to info@c2mtl.com.

“The Guide for Inquiring Minds” is brought to you by…a bunch of questionable characters! Because at the end of it all, we are a business conference somewhere between genius and insanity.

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