Workshops 101: Get your hands dirty with real-world challenges

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Workshops 101: Get your hands dirty with real-world challenges

Workshops are one of the most popular parts of the C2 experience. They’re where you step outside your comfort zone, loosen your tie (if you’re wearing one) and get your hands dirty engaging with ideas and techniques you can apply and share with your team once you’re back in the office.

They’re also fantastic opportunities to meet other people, a kind of next-level networking that results in genuine and lasting connections.


So what exactly is a workshop?

Workshops are collaborative sessions designed for a specific real-world challenge and problem-solving outcome. The content is:

  • Led by experts
  • Designed by C2’s Collaborative Experience team
  • Run with the help of onsite facilitators

There are three types of workshop formats at C2 Montréal:

  1. Case studies
  2. Creative processes
  3. Prototyping


How do workshops work?

Groups as large as 150 are subdivided into teams of between five and eight participants. Participants work together for 90 minutes in a collaborative learning environment solving real world business problems on topics that are spread evenly across each of C2 Montreal’s five pillars. You will:

  • Stretch your thinking and spark creative impulses
  • Pick up useful problem-solving techniques you can bring back to your team
  • Connect with other C2 participants
  • Lay the groundwork for future business opportunities or partnerships


When do workshops happen?

Workshops are scheduled all day every day starting at 8:45 am and running until 5 pm.


How do I reserve my space at a specific workshop?

You can have a first glance at the many workshops on offer by checking out the preliminary programming overview. Closer to the event, you’ll be able to reserve your place in them using the C2 klik app that is linked to your smart badge. However, do keep in mind that you can only register for one collaborative experience per day.

We look forward to rolling up our sleeves with you!


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