What are workshops and masterclasses? Deep dive on hands-on collaboration at C2

It’s one thing to listen to an inspiring talk, but nothing beats putting concepts to the test yourself. That’s why workshops and masterclasses are such an important part of the C2 experience.

Offered in collaboration with experts, speakers and C2 partners, workshops and masterclasses are collaborative sessions that allow participants to dive into and solve real-world business problems, experiment with new creative processes, and get their hands dirty through prototyping or other playful ideation methods created by C2’s collaborative experience designers.

These sessions are intended to help participants stretch their own thinking by putting their ideas and creativity into play. They also provide participants with an additional opportunity to network with other attendees and focus on actionable knowledge that they can bring back to their own teams.

While specialists, speakers and partners contribute their expertise in a particular field, the C2 team contributes its know-how in designing and facilitating ideation experiences. Each of C2’s ideation methods is designed based on a specific desired outcome. For example, asking “what if” will help us unlock new avenues for existing projects; using empathy will help us find user-centric solutions; examining a real case will allow us to gain tried and tested insights; a “mix and match” card game will enable us to find unexpected new concepts based on assets we already own.

Workshops and masterclasses in a nutshell

They are 90-minute breakout sessions running from approximately 9 am to 5:30 pm on each of the three days of C2 Montréal. Specialists, speakers and partners contribute their expertise in a particular field, while the C2 team contributes its know-how in designing and facilitating ideation experiences.

– Total of 12 sessions per day
– Three to four different sessions run simultaneously, each accommodating 36 participants, broken into groups of five to eight

– Total of eight sessions per day
– Two different sessions run simultaneously, respectively accommodating either 80 or 120 participants, broken into groups of 10
– Often presented by speakers

How to register: Registration for these limited-capacity sessions will soon be open on klik, C2’s web application. You can register for one of either a workshop or masterclass per day of C2 Montréal.

There will be around 70 of these 90-minute, hands-on sessions at C2 Montréal 2017, with at least five workshops and masterclasses happening at any given time in various venues throughout the village.

Expect thought-provoking challenges presented by experts and top brands like Lowe’s Canada, Stingray, IDEO, XPRIZE, Ernst & Young, car2go, The Globe and Mail, Twitter, Bell Media, Shutterstock, Connect&GO, the City of Montréal, Société de développement Angus, SYPartners, HNI Canada/Nua, Havas and HATCH.

Many C2 speakers will also take the opportunity to dig deeper into their subject matter by leading masterclasses, like Daisuke Sakai from teamLab and Joel Beckerman from Man Made Music.

Examples of past masterclasses presented by C2 speakers:

– David Rose (Scientist, Tangible Media Lab, MIT & CEO, Ditto Labs)
Participants explored the concept of connected objects (or “enchanted” objects, as David prefers to call them) by randomly combining everyday objects with functions and services. The results? A connected park bench and other out-of-the-box fictional objects with real-life applications.

– Rangu Salgame (CEO, Tata Communications)
In the next 10 years, 3 billion more users will be connected to the Internet through mobile devices. Participants used this context to brainstorm and generate new business ideas to leverage this opportunity.

– Tim Brown (CEO, IDEO) and Suzanne Gibbs Howard (Dean of IDEO U)
Participants dug deeper into the beliefs and behaviours that best support a creative culture. To do so, they practiced a fantastic technique for leading through culture: they designed rituals.

Voici un aperçu des sessions pratiques présentées à C2 Montréal 2017, divisées par thèmes:






Where will the next game-changing “moonshot” come from? What will be the next idea to mobilize entire ecosystems? What great social and economic advances will these moonshots bring to humanity? The opportunity to dig deeper into these ideas, and perhaps put your own moonshot on the launchpad, comes with two uniquely conceived masterclasses and a workshop. First, XPRIZE will present the “Land Your Moonshot Into Reality” masterclass exploring the potential of AI. And second, Lowe’s is hosting both the “Mobilizing the next Moonshot through Story” masterclass and a workshop titled “Hacking Success Using Applied Neuroscience” (hint: EEG headgear may or may not be involved).






Up your creative game with design thinking courtesy of IDEO; sit down with Twitter experts to see social media as you’ve never seen it before; enhance your performance strategies by transforming the customer in-store experience with Stingray; or let yourself be transported to the intersection of marketing and artificial intelligence under the helmsmanship of Havas. Moreover, talk data and media with The Globe and Mail, Bell Media and Shutterstock.

Since marketing is no longer just about marketing, our partners Sid Lee and IDEO have also curated a selection of recommended activities within C2’s programming that specifically address creativity and leadership, social impact, design thinking, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and storytelling. Stay tuned to learn how to broaden your horizons and become next gen marketing specialists by embarking on this “Marketer’s Journey.”






What major global trends will shape the entertainment industry? Dig deeper into this question and more with uniquely conceived collaborative sessions presented by Connect&GO and Stingray.






How do we rethink our cities as living, breathing ecosystems? Think about the autonomous car of tomorrow with car2go, join in on a game of “Metro-poly” with the Société de développement Angus, or experiment with how the social economy can be a tool for innovation en route to a smart city with the City of Montréal.






The digital age is upon us, and EY aim to identify and understand the impacts, challenges and opportunities that technology presents talent and operations. SYPartners will give us the tools and insights necessary for leadership in the 21st century. And space design experts HNI Canada/Nua will help develop the ability to visualize how spaces can influence innovation, creativity and efficiency at the office and anywhere else employees are engaged.

And many, many more!
Browse through the full 3-day schedule on klik, or here.

How to register for workshops and masterclasses

Registration for these limited-capacity sessions will soon be open on klik, C2’s web application. You can register for one of either a workshop or masterclass per day of C2 Montréal.