C2 Montréal’s record breaking fourth edition

C2 Montréal remains one of the most unique events in the world

Montréal, June 2, 2015 — Once again, C2 Montréal proved its status as a leader in innovative international business conferences. With its avant-garde approach, the record breaking fourth edition of this immersive conference that combines commerce and creativity, smashed attendance records with 5,000 participants, a 25% increase from last year, and allowed them all to contribute to the transformation of the business world.

Participants came from a variety of industries and gathered for 3 days at the Arsenal in Griffintown. Inspired by world-renowned speakers, they participated in collaborative workshops and creative labs, and connected during numerous networking activities, artistic performances, and musical events designed exclusively for the occasion.

C2 Montréal was imagined by the Sid Lee creative agency in collaboration with Founding Partner Cirque du Soleil, and benefits from the support of Leadership Partner Microsoft, and Technology Partner EMC.



With the mission of bringing the right people together at the right time, C2 Montréal designed strategic areas and platforms for connecting face-to-face. Participants were able to benefit from the “Brain Dates” tool, a platform brought to life by E-180, and a web application called “HUB” that allowed them to make the most of their C2 experience. According to E-180, more than 1,345 exchanges were held, double the amount from last year.



Some 5,000 participants attended C2 Montréal. 43% of participants were international, originating from outside Quebec, while 45% were back for a second, third or even fourth year; a retention rate much higher than average for this type of business conference. The participants originated from 43 different countries, a sizable increase from last year’s 27.



C2 Lab experiments were fully booked for the duration of the conference. Participants were able to experience unique out-of-the-box workshops to get out of their comfort zone and think beyond common frames of reference.

  • A net, suspended 18 feet in the air, challenged participants to express their ideas while feeling physically at risk.
  • In the Cloud of Fog, participants experienced a workshop without seeing each other, highlighting the influence of appearances in human interactions.
  • A virtual reality experience brought to life by Ubisoft enabled participants to take part in a workshop without seeing their counterpart.
  • C:Lab, The creative laboratory of Cirque du Soleil also offered an on-site immersive journey: The Nest.



  • 5,000 participants
  • 43 countries represented
  • 1,345 Brain Dates via “HUB,” E-180’s esteemed platform
  • 79 partners
  • 37 high profile keynote speakers inspired participants in the Forum Solotech
  • 51 investment and social business and innovation speakers in the Big Top BDC
  • 30 workshops and 10 master classes
  • 3 C2 Lab experiences and Cirque du Soleil’s C:Lab
  • More than 100 000 square feet of innovative event space, including an outdoor village complete with a Ferris wheel
  • 3 nights of unique programming, including 10 activities that showcased Montréal’s stellar nightlife
  • 19 artistic installations
  • 15 performances by talented DJs
  • 5 Québec designers in the Phi Rhinoceros boutique
  • A team of 154 people and 223 volunteers



The 2015 edition of C2 Montréal harnessed the theme of CHOICES. As consumers, citizens, and leaders of large companies we make choices that shape our future as a society. Three vertical axes guided part of the program: food, health and energy, three sectors that have a significant influence on our future. Horizontal axes treated innovation and social entrepreneurship, investment, and technology. Workshops, labs and “master classes” completed each vertical axis, and speakers illustrated the different topics on stage.



The response rate to C2 Montréal‘s closing evening reached nearly 100%, which was unusual. Event organizers prioritized participants’ safety, resulting at times in restricted access to the venue. The team is already focused on drawing valuable lessons from the evening’s events to ensure the utmost experience in 2016.


Iconic business person Martha Stewart, Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality Chip Conley, and environmental philanthropist Dr. David Suzuki are all set to headline the fifth edition of C2 Montréal, which will take place from May 24-26, 2016. Three-day tickets for C2 Montréal 2016 are available at the presale rate of $1,925 – a 50% discount – now extended through September 30, 2015.



C2 Montréal aims to reinvent the concept of the annual international conference, in order to better explore the “commerce-creativity” dynamic and its potential to redefine the business world. Every year, this three-day immersive event assembles renowned innovators from varied backgrounds. Participants are plunged into an intellectual and experiential environment that stimulates the left and right sides of their brains in order to develop their creative leadership skills. C2 Montréal features a tremendous variety of non-traditional experiences including presentations by renowned speakers, interactive exhibitions, multimedia presentations and collaborative workshops, all of which are held in an unconventional “Innovation Village” conceived exclusively by and for C2 Montréal. For more information, visit c2montreal.com.


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Gabrielle Pauzé, Director of communications, gpauze@c2mtl.com



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