C2-MTL and Intel reveal top 20 finalists

Montreal, May 17 2013

The world’s first Braille smartphone and a floating boom system that aims to one day cleanse Earth’s oceans of plastic waste are just two of the 20 revolutionary projects selected as finalists in the Emerging Young Entrepreneur (EYE50) contest created by C2-MTL and its Innovation Partner, Intel.

Launched on April 8, the global, social media-driven competition set out to identify leading inventor-entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who are working to solve problems of all kinds through technological innovation. A total of 66 young entrepreneurs from 19 countries submitted short videos outlining their projects, which touch on everything from bridging the digital divide through data-encoded radiowaves to reducing e-waste through a “smarter” smartphone that you can upgrade with replaceable parts. Submissions were posted online and judged by a peer-review process and a jury made up of international thought-leaders in the realm of technological innovation.

The 20 finalists will be flown to Montreal next week to attend C2-MTL, the international creativity and commerce conference. There, they will participate in exclusive workshops with contest jury members including Intel Futurist and Chief Evangelist, Steve Brown, and have the chance of a lifetime to network and shop their projects among the international leaders in innovation in attendance. Of the top 20 contestants, one will be selected winner of a $10,000 grand prize and invited to give a keynote talk on their project.

The 20 finalists of the EYE50 contest are:

  • Pratheeksha A K, Blockout Traffic, India
  • Hollie Baigent, Vacci Pak, Australia
  • Vishal Bajpai, OneBeep, India
  • Michael Bernstein, PenPal News: Connecting Students Worldwide to Discuss Current Events, United States
  • Gustav Borgefalk, Studentcompetitions.com, Sweden
  • Sumit Dagar, Braille Phone, India
  • Aran Dasan, Ento, United Kingdom
  • Kent Frankovich, Revolights Bike Lighting System, United States
  • Rich Jones, OpenWatch: A Global Muckraking Network, United States
  • Erin Kennedy, DIY Robot Kits: Toys for the Future!, Canada
  • Berend Jan Kleute, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): Harnessing the Ocean’s Power, Netherlands
  • Jeff Lee, Marmalades: Spread Some Flavour on your Favourite E-books, Canada
  • Luís Matos, Wi-GO, the Intelligent Shopping Cart, Portugual
  • Gola Motswane, Trees + Rhinos, South Africa
  • Rocío García Ramos, Smarter Phone, Spain
  • Maria Paula Saba, Hey Yaa – Assistive Warning Wearable, Brazil / United States
  • Boyan Slat, The Ocean Cleanup, Netherlands
  • Benoit Skinazi, Maxloc.ca: The Canadian Online Rental Marketplace, Canada
  • Rakesh Soni, LoginRadius: A Social Identity Cloud, Canada

For more information on the finalists and their projects, please visit the EYE50 page at https://www.c2montreal.com/eye50/



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