James Cameron, Tony Hsieh, Cindy Gallop, George Stroumboulopoulos and for the first time in Montreal Christian Louboutin among the mighty many confirmed for C2MTL 2014

Montreal, Oct. 21, 2013 – Fall may be upon us with winter yet to come, but C2MTL is proud to announce 12 very good reasons to look forward to the spring: ten more confirmed speakers and a very special guest host will join previously  announced filmmaker James Cameron for the bar-raising third edition of C2MTL (May 27-29).

A non-traditional global business conference that pursues creative answers to commercial questions, C2MTL has once again drafted a top-tier team of international players, game changers, all  representing the worlds of business, art and technology. And with half of the passes already spoken for, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out!  That said, and without further ado, the 2014 speakers:

James Cameron –Director, Adventurer

Firsts and broken records are a staple of legendary filmmaker James Cameron’s career, from the unprecedented budget and box office of Titanic to the awe-inspiring animation of Avatar to conquering the ocean’s deepest known point, the Mariana Trench. Where most would have seen insurmountable obstacles, Cameron, an adventurer at heart, saw challenges that could be overcome with ingenuity and innovation. C2MTL believes the spirit of adventure is integral to true, ground-shaking creativity, and as such Cameron is the living incarnation of C2MTL’s raison d’être.

Christian Louboutin ­­–Designer – Premiere in Montréal! Do you hear music in shoes? French designer Christian Louboutin does. With their iconic red soles, Louboutin’s creations are like opera divas for your feet, prized by many celebrities, performers and artists. True to his rebellious roots, and like C2MTL, Louboutin celebrates unlikely sources of inspiration, cautioning that conformity and good sense are the enemies of creativity.

Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos.com

At the tender age of 24, Tony Hsieh sold LinkExchange, a company he cofounded, to Microsoft for $265 million. He currently sits as CEO of Zappos.com, often called the best workplace in America. It’s this healthy working culture that Hsieh brings to his $350 million Downtown Project, a unique hybrid of corporation, community and city designed to drive productivity and innovation for all concerned. Hsieh, who understands culture like few other CEOs of major corporations, is the embodiment of creative leadership skills, and The Downtown Project is his vision in action.

Cindy Gallop – International Business & Brand Innovator

From her place atop the advertising world, BBH New York founder Cindy Gallop could see all too clearly what was wrong in her industry and what had to change. Never short on gumption, she gave up everything to found If We Ran The World, a web platform that unites brands and consumers in local level, socially-beneficial “co-action.” Gallop, a thinker and provocateur, envisions a future for good business based on doing good things together with consumers.

George Stroumboulopoulos – Host of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

George Stroumboulopoulos is a rebel at heart and his exceptional interview skills are internationally renowned. Whether it’s on Stroumboulopoulos (CNN) or George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (CBC), he draws people in, seamlessly transitioning between topics while letting his guests shine. At C2MTL 2014, he will lead in-depth interviews with creative visionaries from the worlds of business, art and technology.

Peter Diamandis – Chairman and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation

The premise behind XPRIZE is simple: competition is the key driver of human achievement. XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis understood the power of that fundamental truth, and has used it to help launch a number of commercial space programs. At C2MTL, Peter Diamandis will share the incredible trajectory of XPRIZE while offering us a glimpse of the future.

Stefan Sagmeister – Designer

Iconic graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister’s success is a lesson in DIY: Record labels showing no interest in your work? Then design the cover of a friend’s album and get nominated for a Grammy. Enter Lou Reed, David Byrne, The Rolling Stones and more. Sagmeister – renowned for his playfulness and the light touch he brings to all that he does – explains that for artistic visions as restless as his own, doing it yourself is simply a matter of necessity.

Bobby Dekeyser – Chairman and Founder, DEDON

At 15, Bobby Dekeyser announced that he was quitting school to become a pro soccer goalie. Four years later he signed to FC Bayern Munich.  At 26, he announced that he was quitting soccer to start his own airbrushed skis business. The skis wiped out, but his company evolved into trailblazing outdoor furniture empire DEDON. His desire to inspire young entrepreneurs, and his belief in giving back (reflected in his foundation, Dekeyser & Friends, which dares kids to dream big) make him a perfect fit for C2MTL.

Bjarke Ingels – Architect

It’s fitting that Bjarke Ingels named his architectural group BIG. This is, after all, the guy who learned at the foot of the legendary Rem Koolhaas and charted his “Yes is More” manifesto on a 130-metre carbon strip. Ingels is at C2MTL because he brings that big thinking to an expanded role for architects, going beyond the merely structural towards embracing the challenges of designing sustainable ecosystems.

Abigail Posner – Head of Strategic Planning, Agency Development, Google

Imagine if people had a device capable of accessing all information known to mankind… and they only used it to look at photos of cats? Imagine, indeed. Abigail Posner, Google’s Head of Strategic Planning, has spent a lot of time wondering why so many of us use the Internet in such a frivolous fashion. Posner reveals that our obsession with silly videos and memes has a poetry of its own, and a big potential payoff for brands that embrace it.

Simon Berry – Co-Founder and CEO, ColaLife

There’s an expression in Simon Berry’s native U.K. that nicely sums up the brilliant idea the ColaLife CEO will be discussing at C2MTL: “Sodding bloody genius!” At C2MTL our definition of creativity means making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. By that definition, Simon might be the most creative person in the room. As for Simon’s big idea, we’ll be keeping that cat in the bag for now. But rest assured that it’s nothing if not sodding bloody genius!

Zita Cobb –President, Shorefast Foundation

Hailing from a wild island off Canada’s East Coast, Zita Cobb left her home behind to conquer Silicon Valley as CFO of tech company JDSU before returning to the wind-battered shores of Fogo Island to nurse it back to economic health, fostering what she calls cultural resiliency. A doer and a dreamer, Zita will share her inspiring story at C2MTL, lifting the veil on a local solution with global appeal.

C2MTL is a not-for-profit organization that re-imagines the concept of the annual international conference to better explore the relationship between commerce and creativity, and its potential to redefine business. Every year, this three-day event brings together leading innovators from every industry for an immersive experience that challenges the left brain as much as the right. Conferences given by renowned speakers, interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, conceptual spaces, festive evenings, collaborative workshops, as well as a creativity Boot Camp take place within an innovative village designed exclusively for C2MTL.

C2MTL is grateful for the continued support of his founding partners – creative agency Sid Lee and Cirque du Soleil – as well as the generous support of media partner and business magazine Fast Company, and his innovation partner Intel.  C2MTL would also like to extend his thanks to major sponsors Laurentian Bank, La Presse, Newad, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ubisoft, Tourisme Montréal and his two donors Power Corporation and Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation who are returning for a third consecutive year. C2MTL also benefits from the additional support of numerous other partners, more than 25 of whom have already confirmed their participation in 2014. More than half of last year’s sponsors have renewed their commitment, representing a total contribution of $2.5 million to date.