One Day Without Shoes, April 16

MONTRÉAL, April 11

Kick off your shoes and join C2-MTL and Sid Lee staff next Tuesday, April 16, as they go barefoot for One Day Without Shoes, an international day of action to raise awareness about health and education challenges facing poor children worldwide. Initiated by Blake Mycoskie, the philanthropist founder of TOMS shoes and a featured speaker at next month’s C2-MTL 2013, One Day Without Shoes asks participants around the world to doff their footwear in solidarity with the millions of children who do not have access to basic necessities like shoes.

Without shoes, children are exposed to debilitating parasites like hookworm and prevented from attending schools where shoes are a required part of the uniform. As TOMS and its Giving Partners are proving worldwide, providing children with shoes and access to health and education programs helps to improve their prospects in life and build their self-esteem.

For their part, C2-MTL and Sid Lee staff will join One Day Without Shoes participants worldwide by spending April 16 barefoot and challenging others to do the same.

Follow the One Day Without Shoes action at C2-MTL and Sid Lee on Twitter at #withoutshoes, #C2MTL, and #sidlee.

About C2-MTL and Sid Lee

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