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Alex Fiance

CEO, Kairos Society

“Good ideas” aren’t what everyone would necessarily associate with university dorm rooms. Then again, Kairos CEO Alex Fiance isn’t everyone. Alex works with the next generation of entrepreneurs, those defying the odds to bring innovative ideas to market out of university labs and dorm rooms worldwide. He not only helps young founders bring high-impact innovations to market, but connects them with Fortune 500 companies looking to engage with promising early-stage ventures. And you can’t argue with the result: the top 25 Kairos companies from the past four years are valued at over $2 billion. Alex, a former product specialist at top-ranked video game publisher Activision, was the first full-time member of the Kairos team, and has since expanded the company to 50-plus countries while helping more than 100 ventures launch. He and Kairos are committed to advancing education, healthcare and clean energy, and they believe that these global challenges are where the greatest entrepreneurial opportunities exist.