Amy Liu
On the “Rethinking the City of Tomorrow” panel in the 360 Big Top
VP and Director, Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution
  • Published "Why Cities Alone Can't Solve the New Urban Crisis" in The Atlantic's CityLab (2017)
  • Co-authored The Making of Global Cities, which shares stories from over a dozen cities on local efforts to increase global engagement (2016)
  • Published "A Blueprint for More Inclusive Growth" in the Harvard Business Review (2016)
  • Lead editor, Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita (2011)
21st century city whiz
C2 Theme:
An expert on metropolitan areas, Amy Liu is committed to helping city leaders make their cities more prosperous and inclusive. Liu combines empirical analysis with on-the-ground research to identify local challenges and design strategies to address them. She recently authored Remaking Economic Development: The Markets and Civics of Continuous Growth and Prosperity to explain why city leaders should abandon inefficient strategies to promote economic growth and articulate how they can embrace a broader vision that connects more people to opportunity. And she’s in a position to know, having worked variously with city leaders in Chicago, Kansas City, Phoenix and New Orleans, to name just a few.