Ayaan Esmail

Ayaan Esmail, Speaker at C2 Montréal 2019
Co-Founder, Genis & Innovator, The Knowledge Society (TKS)

Ayaan has also recently been able to shape DNA into a 3D DNA Icosahedron, allowing the delivery of cancer medications to be more precise and effective than current methods.

The nanotech enthusiast

Fourteen-year-old Ayaan Esmail is a gene analyzer, nanotechnology and genomics enthusiast and the co-founder of Genis, a health-tech startup aimed at understanding human biomarkers in order to create proactive treatments that can diagnose diseases and different types of cancers. In the past, he has worked on developing a novel method for gene sequencing that is much cheaper and faster than current methods, allowing people to gain access to personalized medicine and more effective treatments. Last summer he was exposed to work at nanotechnology labs via an intern position in Toronto.

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