Ben Boyd
President of Practices and Sectors & CEO for Canada and Latin America, Edelman
  • Initiated first online union-employee community for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • Took public while VP Communications
Trust communicator
C2 Theme:
Where most barometers measure kilopascals, Ben Boyd’s is more a measure of faith. As overseer of the famed Edelman Trust Barometer, he helps determine the level of confidence the public has in major institutions like government, business and media. A leader in corporate communications with an ethical bent, Ben is a master re-calibrator of brands and marketing strategies. With insights rooted in the role of signature intellectual property and trust at institutions, his collaborative take on marketing management inspires progressive ways to engage stakeholders and customers alike. In NYC, Ben heads Edelman’s Canadian and Latin American regions alongside Practices and Sectors globally, Edelman Square and the Trust Barometer. His diverse portfolio of clients has included GE, Citi, Heineken, Samsung and The Home Depot, to name a few. Actively connecting innovation with societal benefits, he sits on the Cornell Advisory Board, the LGBTQ non-profit Trevor Project Board of Directors, and the Communications Advisory Board for the Ethisphere Institute, recognizing the World’s Most Ethical Companies.
“Business is society’s best hope for meaningful and impactful innovation, but a new approach is needed.”
Ben in Edelman Trust Barometer