Bob Richards
Founder and CEO, Moon Express
  • Moon Express selected by Forbes as one of the “Names You Should Know” (2011)
  • Moon Express selected by NASA for its $30M Innovative Lunar Demonstrations Data program (2010)
  • Moon Express wins two Google Lunar XPRIZE competition Milestone Prizes: the Landing Prize ($1 million) and the Imaging Prize ($250,000) (2010)
Final frontiersman
C2 Theme:
Moonshots, indeed. Space entrepreneur and futurist Bob Richards is leading Moon Express’s private sector charge to Earth’s rocky, and resource-rich, satellite. Using a scalable robotic spacecraft designed to reduce the cost of space exploration, he believes in the economic potential of the Moon to produce the resources necessary for securing humanity’s future both on Earth and in space. A self-described evangelist of the NewSpace movement, Bob is also a co-founder of the International Space University, Singularity University, SEDS and the Space Generation Foundation. Additionally, he chairs the Space Commerce Committee of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, serves on the board of the Space Foundation and is a member of the International Institute of Space Law. As Director of the Optech Space Division, he led the launch of the company’s technology into orbit (2004) and to the surface of Mars aboard the NASA Phoenix Lander (2007), making the first discovery of falling Martian snow.
“I was recently asked by a journalist if all this space resource stuff is pie in the sky. Absolutely it is. And there’s lots of pie.”
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