Chimi Zangmo

ChimiZangmo Circle
Executive Director, VAST Bhutan

Chimi Zangmo has gained experience in four sectors within the two decades of her career. She chose to be part of the civil service in the year 2001 and gained nine years experience understanding and implementing indirect tax policies under the Department of Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Finance, Bhutan.

By the year 2010, she ventured into the corporate world, taking on new responsibilities as the first appointed Media & Public Relations Supervisor for Druk Holding & Investments – the sovereign national wealth creation entity of the country.

She is the CEO and founder of DORJI Elements, a boutique hotel in the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu. Along with her husband, Chimi initiated Drukpro Bhutan, a social enterprise promoting the expressions of creative people through functional and aesthetically designed products.

She is currently the Executive Director of VAST Bhutan as a volunteer.

The way she lives her life has been deeply shaped by crossing paths during her teenage years with VAST Bhutan — a 23 year old civil society organization providing artists and youth with opportunities to develop artistic talents and explore art as both a vocation and a vehicle for community service.

She loves painting and trekking with Trekkers 360°.