Daisuke Sakai & Takashi Kudo
Co-Founder, teamLab / Director of Communications, teamLab
  • TANC Asia Prize, Outstanding Contribution Award (2015)
  • Prix Arts Electronica, Interactive Art, Honorary Mention (2014)
  • Unity Awards, Best VizSim Project (2013)
  • Laval Virtual Revolution, Architecture, Art and Culture Award (2012)
Heavyweight light artists
C2 Theme:
Create explosions of crystal fireworks, scatter a school of colourful koi, or animate an enormous 4D Christmas tree just some of the interactive options on the table when it comes the immersive, massively imaginative (and in many cases, just plain massive) multisensory installations of popular Japanese art collective teamLab. Daisuke Sakai (co-founder, mechanical and software engineer) and Takashi Kudo (communications director and artist) represent a more than 400-strong teamLab interdisciplinary group that unites professionals from various fields of digital practice, including artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, graphic designers and more. Referring to themselves as ultratechnologists,” teamLab aim to burst the boundaries between art, science and technology through co-creative endeavours. Traditional Japanese art forms, nature and mystical elements all figure prominently in whimsical digital environments that rethink the idea of art installations and invite the spectator to become part of the work.
“We desire magic... Digital technology can allow us to access other realms. It’s shamanistic.”
Takashi in Artforum