Daniela Bohlinger

Daniela Bohlinger, Speaker at the C2 Montréal 2019 business conference
Head of Sustainability Design, BMW Group

The sustainability strategist

Daniela Bohlinger played a significant role in the sustainable design of the BMW i3, and she established the function of sustainable design at BMW Group Design. She is an international speaker, assistant professor and has seats in several committees and juries. Having a voice with the board as well as facilitating hands-on workshops with designers, her energy and conviction has already left a measurable footprint at the BMW Group and on personal mobility on a global scale. Now head of Group Design Sustainability Strategy at the BMW Group, Daniela first joined BMW as a colour and trim designer where the intense contact with materials and manufacturing technologies ignited her interest in sustainability. During the last decade, even before sustainability was a popular focus, Daniela brought instrumental sustainable design contributions to radical concepts and production cars like the BMW i series. Imagining the world in 2030, she has a belief that designers have a responsibility with every line that they draw, and that now must be the time for a paradigm shift in design, from evolution to revolution.