Dario Meli
Co-Founder, Hootsuite & CEO, Quietly
  • Hootsuite is the most widely-used social media management platform in the world, boasting over 15 million users (including more than 800 of the Fortune 1000)
  • Quietly was a finalist for Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 (2014)
  • Dario is a mentor at the Launchpad L.A. startup incubator
Quiet content revolutionary
C2 Theme:
Dario Meli has been quietly, you could say, making a big impression on the ways we consume, create and disseminate content. For the past 15 years, the co-founder of Invoke, Foodee, Brightkit and Hootsuite has worked with and within some of the biggest names in the realms of technology and startups. With Quietly the message is loud and clear: quality content makes for happy consumer campers. With that thought front-of-mind, Dario helps brands and publishers fill their distribution channels with exceptional evergreen content backed by strategy, data, distribution and (proprietary) analytics. At the end of the equation, businesses increase their traffic, reach and revenue while consumers are provided with added value in the form of enriching and meaningful content. And if anyone knows a thing or ten about adding value, it’s Dario.
“There’s been so much turmoil in publishing and media but one thing that’s never changed is the insatiable need for great content.”
Dario on Vancity Buzz