Prof. Dava Newman
Chief Science Officer, thinxmachine
  • Nominated by President Obama to be NASA Deputy Administrator in 2014; confirmed in 2015
  • Time’s “Best Inventions of 2007”
  • NASA Manned Flight Awareness Team Award (1995)
  • World Record for Women's Human-Powered Hydrofoil Speed (1991)
Dreaming in Martian
C2 Theme:
There are good ideas, there are inventions and then there are form-fitting spacesuits designed to allow astronauts more freedom to move. Dr. Dava Newman invented the latter, and in our lifetime it’s possible they will get worn by humans on Mars. At thinxmachine, the former NASA Deputy Administrator and Apollo Professor of Astronautics and Engineering Systems at MIT heads up efforts to design intelligent, healthy human connectivity with machines and “Spaceship Earth.” A self-described “nerdy kid,” Dava’s life’s work has been marrying biomedical engineering, biomechanics, systems analysis, design and aeronautics – but it merits mention that she’s at least as much a dreamer as she is a scientist. Newman thinks we’re going to have boots on Mars in the 2030s; as such, her dogged examination of the implications of interplanetary exploration makes perfect sense.
“We will become interplanetary. That’s what I do every second of my life.”
Dava in The Wall Street Journal