Dr. Naveen G. Rao
  • Holds patents in deep learning hardware and low-precision techniques, video compression techniques and neuromorphic computation
  • Member of the Technical Advisory Board at AI platform provider Mythic
AI architect
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Dr. Naveen G. Rao is leading a deep learning revolution. A neuroscientist, computer processor architect and entrepreneur, Naveen is applying our ever-increasing knowledge of the human brain to computers. In so doing, he's changing the way we think about computation and machine intelligence, advancing not only AI but its large-scale applications. Naveen's career trajectory spans venture-backed startups, computer architect roles at Kealia, CALY Networks and Sun Microsystems, and neuromorphic machines research at Qualcomm. It’s a cutting-edge combo of qualifications that’s shot him to the top of the AI field. As co-founder and CEO of Nervana Systems, Naveen developed the hardware and software for a machine intelligence platform that applies neural network learning to data problems. Now at Intel, which acquired Nervana in 2016, Naveen leads a team developing the technological ingredients needed to deploy deep learning processes across sectors on a real-world scale.
“In 100 years, or 50 years, there will probably be a change in what we call ‘human.”
Naveen on Vision