Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal
  • McGill’s Steinberg Centre is one of the largest and most comprehensive simulation centres in the world
  • Work has been published in 220 peer-reviewed papers, including Annals of Surgery, British Journal of Surgery and New England Journal of Medicine
  • Elected to a National Institute of Health Research Clinician Scientist Award Fellowship (2010)
Making medical practice perfect
C2 Theme:
Surgery professor Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal has his work cut out for him: as head of McGill’s prestigious Steinberg Centre, he’s reinventing the way health care is delivered through all manner of simulation innovation. His mission is threefold: first, he trains the next generation of health providers to deliver impeccable medical care through simulation education (from performing emergency surgery on precisely designed mannequins to doing web-based simulations). Second, using the Centre as a lab where new sim practices can be generated and tested, he develops strategies for the adoption and implementation of simulation at a system level. And third, his work drives research into policy and practice, through national and international collaborations, with the aim of delivering the best patient care possible for future health care systems.
“Fixing the health care system from within is like trying to reinvent the plane while flying one.”
Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal