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Elora Hardy

Founder and Creative Director, Ibuku

Anyone who thinks they wouldn’t, or couldn’t, live in a bamboo house isn’t thinking like Ibuku Founder and Creative Director Elora Hardy. The Bali-raised, one-time print designer for Donna Karan left a career in New York fashion to carry on the phenomenal work of the design-build team behind Bali’s world-renowned Green School, an eco-positive teaching facility founded by her father John Hardy and his wife Cynthia Hardy. At Ibuku, Elora leads a team of highly skilled, locally trained architects, engineers, designers and artisans and the result is collaborative genius: astounding and luxurious, next-next-level bamboo-crafted homes and structures that throw architectural science as we know it out the proverbial window. Sustainable, culturally connected, tradition-defying design has never looked so good.