Félix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphaël
Co-Founders and Creative Directors, Félix & Paul Studios
  • Received Special Jury Recognition for Technical Excellence in the 360° video category for Dreams of “O” at SXSW Film (2017)
  • Won a Daytime Emmy (Outstanding Interactive Media) for Inside the Box of Kurios, their first collaboration with Cirque du Soleil (2016)
  • Both made Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” list (2016)
  • Both made Ad Age’s “Creativity 50” (2015)
Masters of (virtual) reality
C2 Theme:
When it comes to VR filmmaking and immersive storytelling, Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël are building the boat while they’re sailing it. Indeed, the co-founders and creative directors of Félix & Paul Studios are constantly setting and updating the standards regarding what we expect — and can expect — from virtual reality. Combining proprietary camera systems and post-production software with a thoughtful, nuanced approach to filmmaking, Félix and Paul are creating high-end cinematic experiences turning heads around the industry — and the world. They’ve already collaborated with the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Jurassic World, LeBron James, and Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They’ve already won an Emmy, and they’re deep into pushing the limits of what VR can and will be. Their future’s so bright, they’ve got to wear shades (on top of their VR headsets).
“Being a person is not just being in a space. It’s also dreaming, it’s also imagining things.”
Félix Lajeunesse