Prof. Gautam Mukunda
Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School
  • Gautam is a Jeopardy! victor, winning an episode that aired in March, 2015
  • Winner of the Harvard Business School Women's Student Association Outstanding Case Award (2015)
  • Finalist for the Fredric M. Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Award (2012)
Leadership scholar
C2 Theme:
Gautam Mukunda’s curriculum vitae is so impressive, even your parents would be proud. He’s an Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, where his focus is on leadership and international relations; Principal Investigator on the NSF’s Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center, where he examines the various and varied implications of technological change; Distinguished Visiting Professor for the Schwarzman Scholarship; member of the Council on Foreign Relations; game show winner. Also, he literally wrote the book on leadership. Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter posits that leadership matters both much more and much less than we think, and that there are essentially only two types of leaders. As the 21st century rumbles on, humankind will face some of the most profound and complex social, political and economic challenges in history. People like Gautam give us a fighting chance.
“Leadership doesn’t matter much, until the rare moment comes when it’s the most important thing.”
Gautam in the Harvard Business Review