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Hicham Ratnani & Ethan Song

Co-Founders and COO/CEO, Frank & Oak

Just how important is personalisation at menswear brand Frank & Oak? Every order comes signed by the person who prepared it. It’s one of the many reasons Canadian Business named them one of “The 15 Most Innovative Canadian Companies of 2015,” this after less than four years in business. Founded by childhood friends Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani, F&O focuses on the delicate connective tissue between products and people. F&O has differentiated itself both with its vertically integrated structure and innovative retail vision, and now, after being online-only, F&O recently opened stores in most major centres across North America. These stores aren’t for distribution per se, but are considered, rather, to be an effective form of branding representing F&O’s emphasis on community building and that all-important human connection.