Hope Cowan

Hope Cowana, Speaker at C2 Montréal 2019

Director of Creative Agency Partnerships, Facebook

The partnership specialist

Hope Cowan has been the Director of Creative Agency Partnerships for Facebook since 2015, and has helped build and manage Facebook’s relationships with its top global creative agencies. Starting at a boutique agency in North Carolina and then trained at a large multinational headquartered in Chicago, Hope brings an entrepreneurial attitude and creative spirit to solving large, challenging business problems. Before joining Facebook, Hope was the Chief Strategy Officer at Young & Rubicam, where she led the agency’s strategy across North America. In 2012, prior to joining Y+R, Hope held strategic leadership positions for Publicis/Leo Burnett in offices around the world, including Chicago, Tokyo and London. Her experience in developing strategy for multilayered, digitally focused marketing campaigns spans a vast array of clients including Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Philip Morris, Nike, Gap, The Coca-Cola Company, the U.S. Army, P&G, Kraft/Altoids and Allstate.