Ian Bernstein
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sphero
  • Sphero 2.0 awarded Third Best Smart Product of 2015 in Wellbots’ Top 25 Smart Products Ranking (2015)
Robots for all
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Electronics and robotics wunderkind Ian Bernstein was the kind of young’un who built a solar-powered robotic orb before getting a driver’s license. Indeed, a childhood spent taking things apart led to an adult preoccupation with putting things together. This eventually led to the founding of Orbotix, now Sphero. They are now the leader in Connected Play, specifically interactive smartphone-controlled robots. The company’s first success was an app-driven robotic ball, also called Sphero,” and the monumental follow-up was a real-life version of the Star Wars franchise’s BB-8 droid, produced in conjunction with Disney. Early on, Bernstein recognized the educational potential of these programmable bots (e.g., teaching kids to code) and today dedicates a significant amount of effort to developing new products in the field of social robotics.
“While I wouldn't say I'm the best at any one thing, my strength is that I'm dangerous in many things.”
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