Jade Raymond
VP and Group General Manager, Motive Studios, Visceral Games and Star Wars at Electronic Arts
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Jade Raymond is Electronic Arts’ Group General Manager for Visceral Studios (Redwood Shores, California), PopCap (Vancouver) and Motive Studios (Montréal), which she founded in 2015. Jade is also responsible for the Star Wars franchise across EA for HD games. She is best known for helping create the Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs franchises, and for founding Ubisoft’s Toronto studio, which developed blockbuster titles like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist while under Jade’s direction. Jade has been passionate about games since her childhood in Montréal. She joined the industry as a programmer and has since been focused on bringing innovation, new mechanics and gameplay to action/adventure and online multiplayer games. The worlds she has helped create have inspired novels and major motion pictures.
“Everyone in this industry has a motive, an idea they want to bring to life, a new idea they'd like to see in a game. It’s what’s so great about this industry.”
Jade in Polygon