Jamie Margolin

Jamie Margolin, Speaker at C2 Montréal 2019
Founder and Co-Executive Director, Zero Hour

Zero Hour is majority run by young women of colour, and were featured in The New York Times. Jamie is also the subject of the documentary How to build a climate movement before your 17th birthday.

The climate activist

At 14-years-old, Jamie Margolin was frustrated by climate inaction of elected officials and started organizing. Today, her impossible-to-ignore, youth-led movement and resource for budding activists, Zero Hour, is on a mission to draw the voices of diverse youth into conversations around climate change as they stage massive youth climate marches internationally. Jamie is also one of 13 plaintiffs suing her home state of Washington for not sufficiently protecting the climate. Her debut nonfiction book, Youth to Power, hits bookshelves worldwide in 2020.