JF Bouchard
Chairman, Sid Lee et C2
  • Sid Lee has won over 400 awards for work in more than 20 countries since being founded in 1993
  • JF’s award-winning photo exhibitions have been shown in Montréal, Toronto, Miami, Paris and Amsterdam
Challenger of the status quo
Co-founder of Sid Lee, Jean-François Bouchard has been leading the agency for 20 years. An entrepreneur at heart, an accomplished photographer and a Federer wannabe, he believes that creativity is the catalyst for developing successful businesses and building strong brands (no wonder he’s one of the masterminds behind the C2 Montréal conference). His calm spirit, even in the eye of a storm, has more or less become his trademark.
“Creativity] does not boil down to God-given brilliance; it boils down to hard W-O-R-K.”
JF Bouchard