John Rossant
Hosting the “Rethinking the City of Tomorrow” panel in the 360 Big Top
Founder and Chairman, New Cities Foundation
  • Received the Overseas Press Club Award and the German Marshall Fund’s Peter Weitz Award for Distinguished Reporting
  • Board member of international human rights organization Humanity in Action
Making cities make sense
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A native New Yorker and former foreign correspondent in some of the world's biggest cities, John Rossant is passionate about shaping an inclusive, healthy and vibrant urban future. Adept at facilitating connections between myriad stakeholders, John transitioned from a senior editorial position at Business Week to international events operations for Paris-based Publicis Groupe to Executive Chairman of Geneva-based PublicisLive, where he produced the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Paris e-G8 Forum on the future of the internet. Seeing a global shift in the population growth of cities, he started the nonprofit New Cities Foundation. Its mission is to bring city stakeholders together to shape a better urban future for all by generating ideas and solutions through events, actionable research and urban innovation projects. Its members include Cisco, Ericsson, Citigroup, Google, educational institutions and NGOs.
“While cities in developing countries can learn from those in developed ones, the exchange can be equally fruitful the other way around.”
John on Huffington Post