Justin Kingsley
Creative Strategist and Writer
Interviewing Georges St-Pierre in the 360 Big Top
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What does Justin Kingsley do? A better question: What doesn’t he do? A New York Times bestselling author, Justin is a storyteller, strategist, award-winning multimedia creative artist, photographer and a former Press Secretary under Prime Minister Paul Martin. Named one of Canada’s most creative people (Marketing Magazine), Justin has turned Star Wars and Indiana Jones into global museum exhibitions, put a McDonald’s into the side of a mountain at a snowboarding competition, created slogans for the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, and developed award-winning communications strategies for UFC champ Georges St-Pierre (about whom he has written two books as well as mounted a photographic exhibition). The strategy he developed for Adidas at the London Olympics was named best global campaign of the Games, and he currently writes 24CH, a weekly documentary about the Montreal Canadiens, with whom he also works as Creative Director. Most recently, he is the founder of the Makumaku “nutritional and delishional” storytelling workshop.