Kendra Jessie

Kendra Circle
Indigenous Wellness Advocate

Kendra Jessie is a Cree and Ukrainian woman from Sucker Creek First Nation in traditional Treaty 8 Territory in northern Alberta. As an Indigenous woman, she uses her Instagram and TikTok platform to educate people about Indigenous culture and spread awareness about the issues of Indigenous communities as well as inspire future generations. As a fancy shawl dancer, Kendra loves to share her culture through the art of dance.

Kendra is a certified personal fitness trainer, Nike N7 athlete and wellness facilitator who advocates for healing and balance within Indigenous communities through mindful movement, holistic health and cultural practices. She has a Bachelor of Sport Management Honours degree from Brock University. Her passion for health, fitness and movement is driven by her childhood as an athlete when she played hockey for 15 years and competed at the university level. Kendra is a certified hockey coach through the National Coaching Association of Canada. She has goals to create inclusion and space for Indigenous people and their voices within the wellness and sports industries. 

Furthermore, Kendra is a model and has worked with brands such as Cheekbone Beauty, Actery’x + The Chief’s Daughter, Section 35, and has appeared in two music videos with Indigenous rappers Snotty Nose Rez Kids. She has been featured in Huffington Post, Read Range and Very Good Light for her work as an Indigenous influencer.