Kyle Nel
‎Executive Director, Lowe's Innovation Labs
  • Lowe's was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change for Making” (2016)
  • Recognized on the Advertising Age “40 under 40” list (2015)
Visionary handyman
C2 Theme:
Holorooms, self-reliant robots and space-based 3D printing may not be what one normally associates with a home improvement store, but under Kyle Nel, founder of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, they’re becoming synonymous with the retail giant’s commercial aspirations. Kyle leads a team responsible for driving the company’s innovation vision, strategy and growth, and his longstanding fascination with human behaviour has led him to create a methodology that’s propelling the company into the future. Under his leadership, Lowe’s Innovation Labs has introduced projects including the Lowe’s Holoroom augmented and virtual reality design experience, the LoweBot autonomous retail service robot, and 3D scanning and printing services at retail. Kyle also finds and cultivates uncommon partnerships through initiatives such as their Collider startup incubator and accelerator in Bangalore, India, or their collaboration with Made in Space, which sent the first commercial 3D printer to the International Space Station.
“We hire professional, published science fiction writers, we give them all of our marketing research… and we work with them to develop stories of the future.”
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