Loren Grush

Loren Grush, Interviewer at the C2 Montréal 2019 business conference
Senior Science Reporter, The Verge


Loren Grush is a senior science reporter for The Verge, the technology and culture brand from Vox Media, where she specializes in all things space, from distant stars and planets to human spaceflight and the commercial space race. She is also the host of an original online show called Space Craft, which takes her across the U.S. to explore what it takes to train for space. She can frequently be found at Cape Canaveral following the next big rocket launch, or at an engine test stand watching the latest hot fire test. Before joining The Verge, Loren published stories in Popular Science, The New York Times, Nautilus and on Digital Trends, and for Fox News and ABC News.

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