Markus Schreyer

MarkusSchreyer Circle
Board Member & SVP - Global Business Innovation, META Foundation & Design Hotels

Markus Schreyer is a German-born New Yorker who can’t be defined by place as much as by purpose and ideas. With more than 20 years of experience in global hospitality, Markus has held several senior roles in brand, digital, sales, loyalty and innovation.

Markus is Senior Vice President of the Americas and Business Innovation at Design Hotels, where he is responsible for developing the collection’s hotel portfolio, supporting business for all member hotels, and working with the media and other potential partners, as well as expanding and building brand awareness and reach in North and South America. He is leading the Global Innovation efforts for the organization and introducing new unique services and experiences for travel and hospitality.

A passionate social innovator, Markus has been appointed as advisory board member of The Hopenclass, an organization that complements traditional education with a new curriculum. Markus is also on the board of META Foundation, a non-profit that builds the bridge between physical and virtual spaces to support local communities and sustainable growth. Challenging the status quo, he co-founded Collective Innovation, a cultural and artistic think tank promoting cross-industry collaboration to find solutions for societal questions.

Markus holds a PhD in Innovation Management and MBA in Change Management. He has applied his expertise to travel, human experiences and technology, and is a regular contributor to industry and innovation publications.