Martin Villeneuve

After his studies in filmmaking and graphic design, Martin Villeneuve began his career in advertising, working for companies such as Sid Lee and Cirque du Soleil. He notably collaborated in the creation of ad campaigns for Cirque du Soleil shows such as Zumanity, and Corteo. He directed promotional material alongside music videos and short films during this period while also authoring comic books and photo novels. Mars & Avril, his feature film debut, is an adaptation of his photo novel of the same name, Vol. 1 and 2. Premiering at Karlovy Vary in 2012, Mars & Avril was shown in 20 international festivals and has received 10 nominations including one for Best Adapted Screenplay. The creative process behind the movie was the subject of a TED Talk by Martin in 2013. So far, he is the first and only Québécois to have given a TED Talk. In 2014, he won an award for Best Actor for his role in his short film Imelda, which he just shot a sequel to, with Robert Lepage and Ginette Reno, for release in spring 2020. In 2016-’17, he directed episodes of the television series Real Detective for Netflix. Martin is currently working on several feature film projects, including Aquarica and Waternova in collaboration with Belgian comic book author, illustrator and scenographer François Schuiten.

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